[Osia-members] OSIA Dec/Jan update

Bob Birchall bob at calyx.net.au
Sun Feb 1 09:57:00 EST 2015

On 31/01/15 16:26, Jack Burton wrote:
> Afternoon, all.
> (snip)
> ** NSW Procure IT Framework **
> OSIA Director Ryan Cross and I met with the NSW Department of Finance
> during January to voice three specific concerns with v3.0 of Module 13A
> (the two concerns raised by Cameron Shorter on this list late last
> year, plus a further issue around the rather odd definition of "open
> source" in v3.0) and to offer OSIA's ongoing feedback to the
> Department's process of improving the final module for the v3.1 release
> (Modules 1 through 12 of v3.1 have been out for 18 months already; the
> existing Modules 13 & 13A are the only two yet to be revised for v3.1).
> Our concerns were noted and for the most part agreed with. Whilst we do
> not yet know when the remainder of v3.1 will be released (it hasn't
> been scheduled yet), on the basis of that meeting it seems likely that
> the concerns raised to date will be addressed in v3.1, when it is
> released.
> As that time draws nearer, OSIA will be working more closely with
> Finance to ensure that v3.1 does not discriminate against suppliers
> offering OSS.

Well done Jack and Ryan.  This type of activity is absolutely core to 
OSIA's mission, in my opinion.
> Once again, thanks to Cameron for bringing this matter to our
> attention.

Hear hear!

Bob Birchall

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