[Osia-members] OSIA Dec/Jan update

Jack Burton jack at saosce.com.au
Sat Jan 31 15:26:29 EST 2015

Afternoon, all.

As the new year comes into full swing, it's time for the first OSIA
update of 2015.

** Member referral service **

The much awaited member referral service is nearing completion. A
limited beta test will be undertaken later in February, with a view to
launching the service in March or April of this year. Stay tuned for
further information -- OSIA Director Paul Foxworthy will call for
members' expressions of interest in the test phase within the next

** NSW Procure IT Framework **

OSIA Director Ryan Cross and I met with the NSW Department of Finance
during January to voice three specific concerns with v3.0 of Module 13A
(the two concerns raised by Cameron Shorter on this list late last
year, plus a further issue around the rather odd definition of "open
source" in v3.0) and to offer OSIA's ongoing feedback to the
Department's process of improving the final module for the v3.1 release
(Modules 1 through 12 of v3.1 have been out for 18 months already; the
existing Modules 13 & 13A are the only two yet to be revised for v3.1).

Our concerns were noted and for the most part agreed with. Whilst we do
not yet know when the remainder of v3.1 will be released (it hasn't
been scheduled yet), on the basis of that meeting it seems likely that
the concerns raised to date will be addressed in v3.1, when it is

As that time draws nearer, OSIA will be working more closely with
Finance to ensure that v3.1 does not discriminate against suppliers
offering OSS.

Once again, thanks to Cameron for bringing this matter to our

** Retiring director **

Sir Tim Purcell resigned from the board in December.

Appointed as a director in March 2014 to fill a casual vacancy, he
served in the export markets portfolio until the 2014 AGM and as a
director without portfolio thereafter. Amongst other contributions to
OSIA, Sir Tim was instrumental in progressing a key marketing
initiative (more on that next month) and in instituting the board's
current structure.

The board thanks Sir Tim for his valued contribution to OSIA.

The board will consider the matter of the two casual vacancies at its
March meeting.

** Board meetings **

The board met in Sydney on 2 December and again by teleconference
yesterday (30 Jan). The next board meeting is scheduled to be held in
Melbourne on 8 March.

As always, members are encouraged to bring any pertinent matters (and
indeed your views on them) to the attention of the Board, either on
this list or by contacting any of us directly -- all board members and
their OSIA email addresses are listed at:


Jack Burton
<jack at saosce.com.au>

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