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Evening, all.

Malcolm Hill has tried to post the message below to the osia-members@
list twice this week. Both times failed (first one disappeared into the
ether; second one bounced back at his ISPs MX, which seems to have DNS
issues, but only for mail addressed to OSIA's listserv...), so I'm
forwarding it to the list for him now, in the hope that I'll have
better luck than he did.

I've added my actual response to Malcolm's post where it belongs (at
the end, naturally), to avoid posting twice in rapid succession.

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> Subject: Subject: Two former OSIA directors honoured by ACS
> Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2017 08:25:43 +0930

> Just thought the following might be of interest to OSIA members and
> others in the Australian open source software industry: 
> On 25 May at an event held at the South Australian Health & Medical
> Research Institute (SAHMRI) in Adelaide, the Australian Computer
> Society (ACS) awarded Fellowships to three of its South Australian
> members.
> Two of the three new Fellows were former directors of OSIA: Dr
> Anastasia Kuusk (of OSIA member Inforg; served on OSIA board in 2014);
> and Mr Jack Burton (of OSIA member Saosce; served on OSIA board in
> 2007-08 and 2010-2016).
> Former members of OpenSA who transferred across to OSIA in 2012/13 may
> also remember Jack as OpenSA's founding treasurer (2009-2013) and may
> also remember Anastasia as the opening keynote speaker at OpenSA's
> most successful domestic market event ever ("Open Source Software &
> Open

> Standards: The Sustainable Alternative for Information Management",
> Adelaide, 14 Jun 2011).
> Mr Burton's award was principally for services to the Australian open
> source software industry, particularly in the public policy space.
> Dr Kuusk's award recognised her many distinguished contributions to
> academia and to the profession as well as to the industry.

> For full citations see the ACS SA Branch Fellows list here:
> https://www.acs.org.au/branches/SouthAustralia/sabranchfellows.html
> (the last two citations at the bottom of the page)

> and the ACS (national) Hall of Fame here:
> https://www.acs.org.au/content/dam/acs/acs-documents/hall-of-fame/Hall-of-Fame.pdf
> (page 15 & pages 17 to 18)

> Well-deserved recognition by the ACS. 
> Regards,
> Malcolm Hill
> Ex Chair of Open SA 

Thanks Malcolm for your kind words.

And congratulations again to Anastasia -- yes, very well deserved

Actually, I'm glad that someone has brought this up here, for one
important reason:

To the best of my knowledge this was the first time that ACS had ever
awarded Fellowships to *two* members from the Australian open source
software industry at the same time (and certainly the first time to any
former OSIA director).

The computing profession has often been described (particularly at ACS)
as a "broad church". Those of us working in FOSS of course form a
proper subset of that whole, but an ever-growing subset and one that
regularly punches well above its weight.

Personally, I like to see this mainly as a portent of things to come: I
look forward eagerly to seeing ACS (and hopefully also other Australian
professional societies directly relevant to computing, like EA, ITPA,
etc.) go on to recognise the distinguished contributions of more high
achievers from the Australian FOSS sector (of whom I know from
experience there are a great many), in the not too distant future. 


Jack Burton FACS CP <jack at saosce.com.au>
Director, Saosce Pty Ltd (OSIA member #50)
Company Secretary, Safecoms Cyber Security Pty Ltd

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