[Osia-members] OSIA March update

Jack Burton jack at saosce.com.au
Sun Mar 11 23:02:37 AEDT 2018

Evening, all.

It's been a very busy month at OSIA as our substantive programme of
works began taking shape again, so there's a fair bit to report this

** OSIA welcomes new director **

At its 24 Feb meeting, the board appointed Mr Paul Moore (Astute Systems
Pty Ltd, Qld) as a director of OSIA. Please join me in welcoming Paul
to his new role on the board of OSIA.

Your board and their portfolios are now:

* Chairman:
  Mark Phillips (Automated Test Systems, Vic.)

* Director & Company Secretary:
  Jack Burton (Saosce, SA)

* Director (public policy):
  Josh Stewart (Vic.)

* Director (membership):
  Paul Moore (Astute Systems, Qld)

* Director (member services):
  Alexar Pendashteh (Vic.)

* Director (unencumbered open standards):
  Ron Skeoch (Muli Management, NSW)

** Press releases on CPTPP **

CPTPP was signed in Chile on Friday. Following the release of the text
in late February, OSIA has moved into the media engagement phase of our
response, with three press releases having been issued already:

23 Feb: CPTPP is a ticking time bomb / Controversial "suspended"
provisions could return at any time
See: http://osia.com.au/f/osia_cptpp_pr1.pdf

10 Mar: DFAT "myth busters" document mostly propaganda / OSIA renews
call for independent modelling of CPTPP by Productivity Commission
See: http://osia.com.au/f/osia_cptpp_pr2a.pdf

11 Mar: Dangers of ISDS provisions in CPTPP are not a myth / DFAT "myth
busters" document ignored the main risks
See: http://osia.com.au/f/osia_cptpp_pr2b.pdf

More are in the works and will be released in due course.

** OSIA TPP committee re-established -- call for volunteers **

OSIA's TPP Committee saw us admirably through our 5 year battle with
TPP and was disestablished in early 2017 following the US withdrawal
which sounded the death knell of the original treaty.

Today the board re-established the TPP Committee, to undertake a similar
role in relation to the resurrected CPTPP.

The committee's principal responsibility will be drafting OSIA's
submissions to the forthcoming JSCOT Inquiry and to any other formal
inquiries into CPTPP that may arise.

Until JSCOT issues its call for submissions, the OSIA TPP Committee
will be involved with drafting further press releases on CPTPP,
beginning next week.

Any OSIA members with a keen interest in saving Australia from this
zombie treaty and having the time & capacity to help us achieve that
end are urged to volunteer to join the TPP Committee -- to do so,
please contact OSIA Director (public policy) Josh Stewart or me

** OSIA in the news **

As a result of our recent public statements on CPTPP, OSIA has been
mentioned in ten news articles over the last couple of weeks.

"CPTPP is a ticking time bomb" has made a couple of appearances here in
Australia [1, 2] and my personal favourite, "El CPTPP es una bomba de
tiempo" has proved rather popular in Mexico [3, 4, 5, 6, 7]. Of course
imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so we're pleased to see
that even those arguing against CPTPP on completely different grounds
to OSIA have also chosen to adopt our turn of phrase[8].

"DFAT 'myth busters' document mostly propaganda" has so far proven a
little too controversial for most news outlets, expect for one brave
Aussie blogger[9] (scroll down to "Software gurus say Trans Pacific
Partnership agreement still on the nose").

Today's "Dangers of ISDS provision in CPTPP are not a myth" has also
made one appearance already[10].

** 3rd edition OSIA case studies brochure -- call for subjects **

We're now in the process of developing the third edition of OSIA's "Case
Studies of Open Source in Australian Industry" brochure and would love
your help. The 2nd edition can be found here:

Does your business have a success story to highlight the benefits of
FOSS to Australian industry, or do you know of an enterprise that does?
We'd love to hear from you about those successes and share them with all
members and the wider business community.

Interested members should contact OSIA Director Paul Moore
<paul.moore at osia.com.au> for more information on contributing or a case
study to the third edition or referring a suitable case.

** Review of the strategic plan **

OSIA's strategic plan was launched in 2013 and falls due for its first
major review this year.

In light of the unique circumstances of the current term, the board has
decided to defer reviewing the strategic plan until the next term, but
in order to ensure that the review is not deferred any further, the
board has already scheduled a full-day strategic planning session for
the day after the 2018 AGM.

** Board meetings **

OSIA's board met (in Melbourne) on Sat 24 Feb. It was another
productive meeting, with 12 more resolutions passed and 25 new actions

The board will meet once each month for the rest of the year, with two
out of every 3 board meetings being held in person. 

The schedule of board & general meetings for the remainder of 2018 is:

Sat 24 Mar Boondall, Qld
Tue 24 Apr teleconference
Sat 19 May Melbourne, Vic.
Sat 16 Jun Wahroonga, NSW
Mon 16 Jul teleconference
Sat 11 Aug Ballarat, Vic.
Sat 09 Sep Campbelltown, SA
Mon 08 Oct teleconference
Sat 03 Nov Melbourne, Vic.
Fri 30 Nov (evening) 2018 AGM (venue tba)
Sat 01 Dec board strategic planning day (same city as AGM)
Sun 02 Dec first board meeting of new term (same city as AGM)

We are making these dates public now to provide members with advance
notice. Any members who would like to meet informally with OSIA's
directors around the the dates listed in the town listed are invited to
contact either OSIA Chairman Mark Phillips or me off-list well in
advance of the meeting.

In the meantime, as always OSIA members are encouraged to bring any
pertinent matters (and indeed your views on them) to the attention of
the board, either on this list or by contacting any of us directly. The
OSIA email addresses of all board members are available here:

References for the "OSIA in the news" item:

[1] https://www.miragenews.com/cptpp-is-a-ticking-time-bomb/
[3] http://www.heraldoleon.mx/cptpp-una-bomba-tiempo/
[4] https://economex.blog/2018/02/25/el-cptpp-es-una-bomba-de-tiempo/
[6] http://bilaterals.org/?el-cptpp-es-una-bomba-de-tiempo
[7] http://zonafranca.mx/el-cptpp-es-una-bomba-de-tiempo/
[8] http://www.foei.org/features/tpp-bad-deal-for-people-and-planet

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