[Osia-members] OSIA August update

Jack Burton jack at saosce.com.au
Tue Aug 27 17:55:51 EST 2013

Afternoon, all.

August at OSIA has mainly been a time for preparations, with some
notable exceptions -- details below.


As mentioned last month, this year's OSIA AGM will be held in Adelaide
on 1 November, immediately after the next OSIA SA forum.

Please mark the date in your diaries now.

As this will be the first time (at least that I can recall) that we've
held our AGM outside of NSW/ACT, we're seeking member input into its
scheduling -- the Board has confirmed 1/11 as the date; but the timing
on that day is still up for discussion.

Traditionally, OSIA AGMs have been held in the evening (e.g. 5pm for a
5:30pm start), which has the advantage of allowing local members to
attend without interfering with their work days.

We're happy to do that again this year, if that's what most members
want. 1 Nov is a Friday, so it'd be a perfect opportunity for interstate
members attending the AGM to enjoy a weekend in South Australia

However, noting that some of those members travelling from interstate to
the AGM may prefer to return home on the same day, it's been suggested
that perhaps a mid-afternoon start (say, 3pm) might be amenable to more

If you have a preference either way, please let us know (either on this
list, or by contacting OSIA Secretary Paul Gampe or me directly).


As noted above, the next OSIA SA Forum will be held in Adelaide on 1
November, immediately prior to the AGM.

We're seeking additional speakers for the forum -- so if any of you (or
your clients) have a suitable project to present on that you think would
interest your fellow OSIA members, please contact me off-list.

Annual elections

A formal call for nominations for the Board will be issued in due

In the meantime, this is just a quick reminder that OSIA is *your*
industry association. So if you'd like to see things done a little
differently (or even just more quickly) and have the time, energy and
inclination to contribute to improving the governance, strategy or
operations of OSIA in the forthcoming year, now would be a good time to
start thinking about nominating for 2013/14.

Membership renewals

Membership renewal invoices were sent out at the end of July and fall
due at the end of this week.

Thankyou to all those members who have paid for 2013/14 already.

OSIA needs our members' continued support to help fund the increased
level of activity seen over the past few years and build further upon
that in 2013/14, so please ensure that any outstanding renewal invoices
are actioned this week.

As this was the first year in quite some time that personalised renewal
notices were issued, we've had a fair number of requests to update
member information on the renewal invoices.

If you have made such a request and haven't received your amended
invoice yet, please bear with us. OSIA Membership & Infrastructure
Director David Bullock is working his way through the request queue as I
write this, and you should receive your amended invoice in due course.
Amended renewal invoices will carry a further 30 days terms.

Member referral service RFP

Just a quick reminder that the RFP for the OSIA member referral service
closes this Friday -- see David Bullock's post to this list of 9 August
for the full details.

Victorian Government e-Services Agreement

On Monday, OSIA lodged a submission to the Victorian Department of State
Development, Business & Innovation on its draft "eServices Agreement
Terms & Conditions".

A copy should be posted on the OSIA website later this week.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank OSIA Director Daniel Jitnah
for his hard work on this initiative.

Trans-Pacific Partnership

The OSIA Board is keen to progress further action with respect to TPP
through the Fair Deal alliance -- http://fairdeal.net.nz/ 

OSIA joined the Fair Deal alliance last year and will be increasing our
participation in it over the coming months.

Board meetings

The Board met by teleconference on 5 August and will meet by
teleconference again on 9 September.

As always, if members have any issues they feel need to be brought to
the Board's attention, please raise them on this list, or contact me or
any other OSIA Director.


Jack Burton MACS CP
<jack at saosce.com.au>
Director, Saosce Pty Ltd
Chairman, Open Source Industry Australia Ltd
Immediate Past Chairman (SA), Australian Computer Society Inc.

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