[Osia-members] Australia's Action Plan for Open Government

Brendan Scott lists at opensourcelaw.biz
Mon Mar 14 15:05:47 AEST 2016

Hi All,

I have been contacted by Amelia Loye from Engage 2. Amelia is "engaging" with the community for the Federal Government on the issue of open government.

This is the blurb about the work:
> The National Action for Open Government in Australia
> <https://ogpau.govspace.gov.au/introduction/> is currently being developed by
> the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet and I am responsible for engagement
> <https://ogpau.govspace.gov.au/get-involved/> with anyone external to the
> Federal Government. We are currently engaging to raise awareness about the
> project and encourage people like you, and State Government's, who have been
> working toward Open Government to suggest actions to include in the Plan.
> /There are four more weeks to put forward suggestions./ You can watch, add
> suggestions and comment on the drafting of the document on this wiki.
> <http://ogpau.wikispaces.com/> All suggestions are being shared publicly, with
> PM&C and an InterDepartmental Committee. Toward the end of this month I will
> invite stakeholders with similar suggestions to a National teleconference so
> they can work together to develop their suggestions. In April, 5-15 of the
> actions suggested will be selected for inclusion in the Nation Action Plan which
> will go to cabinet in June so it can be submitted to the international
> OpenGovernment Partnership organisation in July.
> All Government’s who submit a National Action Plan have two years to implement
> it, after which time they must submit a self-evaluation and the international
> body will commission a local person / organisation to conduct an independent
> review of how well it has been implemented. The Plan and results of the review
> will be also be publicly available and promoted internationally.
> There is also a background section of the document which will profile some of
> the work done to Open Government in Australia to date. So please let us know if
> you have been opening and using OpenData, encouraging Public Participation, and
> use Innovation and Technology to open up Government processes, as well as ways
> the Federal Government might support your initiatives.
> Please let me know if you need any support to spread the word or develop a
> suggestion.

She's also given me the following urls:
> As discussed, here is the Australian Gov website where you can
> register for updates:
> https://ogpau.govspace.gov.au/category/updates/
> Here is the International website.
> http://www.opengovpartnership.org/how-it-works/civil-society-engagement

> Page about the monitoring role civil society can take:
> http://www.opengovpartnership.org/how-it-works/civil-society-engagement/monitoring
> Here is a link to the Civil Society network that has formed to help
> larger NGO’s get more involved in the process, support monitoring.
> Peter Timmins is the best contact there:
> https://opengovernment.org.au/
I *think* this is where you can submit suggestions:




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