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Hi Brendan,
Thanks for sharing. Open Government is of great personal interest to me. 
I'll reach out to Amelia.

Warm regards,
Cameron Shorter

On 14/03/2016 4:05 pm, Brendan Scott wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have been contacted by Amelia Loye from Engage 2. Amelia is 
> "engaging" with the community for the Federal Government on the issue 
> of open government.
> This is the blurb about the work:
>> The National Action for Open Government in Australia
>> <https://ogpau.govspace.gov.au/introduction/> is currently being 
>> developed by
>> the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet and I am responsible for 
>> engagement
>> <https://ogpau.govspace.gov.au/get-involved/> with anyone external to 
>> the
>> Federal Government. We are currently engaging to raise awareness 
>> about the
>> project and encourage people like you, and State Government's, who 
>> have been
>> working toward Open Government to suggest actions to include in the 
>> Plan.
>> /There are four more weeks to put forward suggestions./ You can 
>> watch, add
>> suggestions and comment on the drafting of the document on this wiki.
>> <http://ogpau.wikispaces.com/> All suggestions are being shared 
>> publicly, with
>> PM&C and an InterDepartmental Committee. Toward the end of this month 
>> I will
>> invite stakeholders with similar suggestions to a National 
>> teleconference so
>> they can work together to develop their suggestions. In April, 5-15 
>> of the
>> actions suggested will be selected for inclusion in the Nation Action 
>> Plan which
>> will go to cabinet in June so it can be submitted to the international
>> OpenGovernment Partnership organisation in July.
>> All Government’s who submit a National Action Plan have two years to 
>> implement
>> it, after which time they must submit a self-evaluation and the 
>> international
>> body will commission a local person / organisation to conduct an 
>> independent
>> review of how well it has been implemented. The Plan and results of 
>> the review
>> will be also be publicly available and promoted internationally.
>> There is also a background section of the document which will profile 
>> some of
>> the work done to Open Government in Australia to date. So please let 
>> us know if
>> you have been opening and using OpenData, encouraging Public 
>> Participation, and
>> use Innovation and Technology to open up Government processes, as 
>> well as ways
>> the Federal Government might support your initiatives.
>> Please let me know if you need any support to spread the word or 
>> develop a
>> suggestion.
> She's also given me the following urls:
>> As discussed, here is the Australian Gov website where you can
>> register for updates:
>> https://ogpau.govspace.gov.au/category/updates/
>> Here is the International website.
>> http://www.opengovpartnership.org/how-it-works/civil-society-engagement
>> Page about the monitoring role civil society can take:
>> http://www.opengovpartnership.org/how-it-works/civil-society-engagement/monitoring 
>> Here is a link to the Civil Society network that has formed to help
>> larger NGO’s get more involved in the process, support monitoring.
>> Peter Timmins is the best contact there:
>> https://opengovernment.org.au/
> I *think* this is where you can submit suggestions:
> https://ogpau.wikispaces.com/
> Regards
> Brendan
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