[Osia-members] OSIA September/October update

Bob Birchall bob at calyx.net.au
Thu Oct 20 10:40:34 AEDT 2016

Congratulations to Jack, Steven and the Board for the great work done 
over the past 12 months.  I feel the association has real focus and 
purpose now.  Thanks to all involved.
Bob Birchall

On 20/10/16 00:05, Jack Burton wrote:
> Evening, all.
> The last couple of months have again been a busy time for OSIA.
> ** TPP -- appearance before JSCOT **
> On 7 October in Melbourne, I testified before a public hearing of the
> Joint Standing Committee on Treaties (JSCOT) on the Trans Pacific
> Partnership (TPP), following on from OSIA's submission to JSCOT in
> March.
> The Hansard proof transcript of the hearing is available at:
> http://parlinfo.aph.gov.au/parlInfo/search/display/display.w3p;query=Id%
> 3A%22committees%2Fcommjnt%2Fa6fa4bc7-9c2e-4788-9378-e676fc0a3f53%2F0005%
> 22
> ** TPP -- Senate references committee submission **
> The OSIA TPP Committee is in the process of drafting a submission to
> the Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence & Trade
> (references committee) regarding TPP.
> Any other members (or employees of members) having the time, capability
> and desire to contribute to the drafting of this submission are invited
> to contact me (off-list) tonight or tomorrow. Note however that the
> submission will be lodged next week, so this is a very short-term, very
> high-intensity task.
> ** Direct engagement with Commonwealth agencies **
> In the last month I have been approached directly by two prominent
> Commonwealth Government agencies, seeking OSIA's advice and/or
> involvement in two nascent government initiatives. OSIA director,
> public policy (domestic) Aimee Maree Forsstrom & I met with
> representatives from one agency and I have been engaging in separate
> discussions with the other. We are not yet at liberty to disclose the
> nature of those initiatives (both of which are planned to be announced
> in November), but suffice to say they both appear to bode well for the
> Australian open source software industry. We'll provide further details
> as soon as we can.
> ** Productivity Commission Inquiry into IP arrangements **
> The Commission delivered its final report to government on 23
> September. It has not yet been made public, but will be tabled in
> parliament within 25 sitting days of its delivery. Depending on whether
> that refers to sitting days in the upper house, lower house or both
> (it's really not made clear), that deadline could be as soon as
> November or as late as February; or indeed the government might choose
> to table it before the deadline. Either way, we'll be keeping a keen
> eye out for it.
> ** Annual election **
> Members are reminded that, as always, the board is up for election at
> the AGM.
> Service on the board is the most direct route to shaping the future of
> your industry body.
> As with any board, service as a director also comes with various
> statutory responsibilities (so prospective nominees would be well
> advised to be familiar with the relevant provisions of the Corporations
> Act and contemporary decisions on matters of governance).
> Since OSIA does not employ any staff, in addition to its governance
> responsibilities, the OSIA board also has direct responsibility for
> management & operations. The business of OSIA revolves principally
> around representing the Australian open source software industry in
> public policy matters, together with assorted activities to support
> those initiatives.
> Despite all those responsibilities, service on the board can be
> tremendously rewarding. In recent times our industry's voice has become
> far clearer, more audible and more effective. It is simultaneously
> humbling and gratifying to be actively engaged in making that so.
> Twelve months on from launching OSIA's new mission to amplify the voice
> of the Australian open source software industry, we are now starting to
> see some real results. But that is only the beginning. With a
> continuation of that focus, backed up by sharp minds and hard work,
> almost anything is possible.
> Any members (or directors / senior employees of members) who both share
> that vision and have sufficient capability & availability to commit to
> achieving it are encouraged to nominate.
> OSIA Secretary Steven Sackett distributed the call for nominations on
> this list on 5 October. Completed nomination forms should be sent
> directly to the Secretary. Nominations close on 25 October.
> ** Secretary to retire; new Secretary sought **
> A reminder thwho are giving their time at the coal face.at OSIA Secretary Steven Sackett has given notice that he
> will be retiring from the role in mid November. The board thanks Mr
> Sackett for his exemplary service over the last three years and wishes
> him all the best in his retirement.
> Expressions of interest are sought from members (or directors / senior
> employees of members) interested in taking on the role of Company
> Secretary thereafter.
> Those interested should contact me directly, off-list.
> ** Annual General Meeting **
> OSIA's 2016 AGM will be held in Sydney on 18 November, after hours. The
> Company Secretary will distribute the notice of AGM on this list no
> later than 28 October.
> So please keep the evening of 18/11 free in your diaries. I look
> forward to catching up with many OSIA members on the night of the AGM.
> ** Board meetings **
> The board met by teleconference on 5 September and will next meet in
> Melbourne on 29 October, which will be the last board meeting of the
> current term.
> As always, OSIA members are encouraged to bring any pertinent matters
> (and indeed your views on them) to the attention of the Board, either
> on this list or by contacting any of us directly.
> Regards,
> Jack Burton
> <jack at saosce.com.au>
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