[Osia-members] Australian Open-source-knowledgable Lawyers?

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Wed Aug 30 10:15:29 AEST 2017

For Open Source legal questions you will likely want to reach out to:

Brendan Scott IT Law Open Source Law
0414 339 227 http://www.opensourcelaw.biz

If you want guidance on setting up an Open Source strategy which works 
in a business context, then I've been doing quite a bit of consulting in 
that area. In particular, I've been helping agencies answer numerous 
versions of this problem:
//Collaboration in the Open Source sense involves reciprocity, 
co-development, community building, meritocracy, and do-ocracy. It is 
time consuming, imprecise, unreliable, hard to manage, rarely addresses 
short term objectives, hard to quantify in a business case, and rarely 
mentioned in acquisition guides. And yet, in a digital economy, good 
collaborative communities almost always out-innovate and out-compete 
closed or centrally controlled initiatives. There are more people in the 
rest of the world solving your problems than you can ever muster in your 
own team./

Feel free to reach out if interested.
Warm regards,

Cameron Shorter, Software and Data Solutions Manager,
Jirotech Pty Ltd,
Suite 112, Jones Bay Wharf, 26 - 32 Pirrama Rd, Pyrmont NSW 2009

M +61 419 142 254

On 30-Aug-17 9:59 AM, Nick Moore wrote:
> Hi all,
>       Relaying this query on from another mailing list, has anyone got
>       recommendations for an Open Source knowledgeable Australian lawyer,
>       preferably in Melbourne?
>      Specific request is: "Need some commercial licensing advice, and a
>      bit of opensource advice so we have a clear view internally and
>      grant our customers the correct "usage guidelines". Thought poeple
>      who actually understand opensource licensing would be helpful as we
>      and our customers use it a lot."
> cheers,
>       Nick


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