[Osia-members] OSIA December update #1

Jack Burton jack at saosce.com.au
Tue Dec 19 18:55:56 AEDT 2017

Evening, all.

As promised on-list a couple of week ago, these regular OSIA updates
are now resuming. It's good to be back and reporting on OSIA's news
again for the next 6 weeks or so.

Of necessity, during the interregnum these will focus mostly on
internal OSIA matters, but we'll try to add a dash of outward-facing
perspective too whenever we can.

There's quite a lot to cover in today's update, so please bear with me.

** New members welcome -- why join (or rejoin) OSIA? **

OSIA's mission of "amplifying the voice of the Australian open source
software industry" in the past was done most effectively by seeking to
influence government on public policy matters directly relevant to the
Australia FOSS sector, including areas such as ICT procurement,
international trade, copyright & patent law reform, open standards &
the government/citizen interface, etc.

For example, some relevant matters active in Australian public policy
sphere at present include:

* implementing recs of the ICT Procurement Task Force (DTA);
* implementing recs of the PC's Inquiry into IP Arrangements;
* the spectre of a resurrected TPP;
* other treaties such as RCEP & TISA (DFAT);
* potentially "Australia Card like" initiatives like TDIF (DTA/ATO) and
some recs of the PC's Inquiry into Data Access & Availability;
* government/business interface initiatives like the eInvoicing project
(DBC), one touch payroll & SBR (ATO)

If you have an interest in influencing public policy development, in
those sorts of areas, you are most welcome to join OSIA.

Now that OSIA has directors again, we are once more in a position to
accept new members.

So if you've been meaning to join for a while, or even are an old OSIA
stalwart whose membership may have lapsed accidentally a couple of years
ago, feel free to head on over to the OSIA web site and join up (or
become financial again) at: http://osia.com.au/drupal7/join-now

[Note that if you were subscribed to the new osia-fin@ list & received
the notice of Dec SGM last week, your company is already a financial
member and does not need to renew until 1 July 2018.]

** January SGM to be held, new board to be appointed **

As agreed at the 2017 AGM, an SGM will be held in Sydney during the
week of LCA2018 (22-26 Jan).

In due course, a call for expressions of interest in serving on the new
board will be going out.

Stay tuned for more information on both of the above -- and in the
meantime I'd encourage all those with the time, capability and
motivation to do so effectively, to start thinking about stepping up to
serve on the 2018 board, and about what the OSIA of the future you will
help shape might look like.

** December SGM held, interim board in place **

As you all know, our 2017 AGM ended with no directors on the board and
the meeting appointed me to act as company secretary until an SGM could
be held in late January.

It did not take long at all before I realised that OSIA was going to
need directors well before then -- there are certain things that need
to be done in advance of the Jan SGM that a company secretary does not
have the authority to do on his own.

So an extra SGM was convened in Adelaide last Thursday night on short
notice, to elect directors to serve during the interregnum. The short
notice meant that at least 95% of financial members had to agree before
the meeting -- a significant challenge indeed, but one that the members
rose to admirably.

With over 95% of members agreeing, the extra SGM went ahead and three
new directors were elected, all unanimously, although one declined to
take office the following day due to time pressures of other work and
family matters.

So your interim board now consists of:
* Alexar Pendashteh (Goodness Triangle Pty Ltd, Vic), OSIA Director
* Ron Skeoch (Muli Management Pty Ltd, NSW), OSIA Director
* Jack Burton (Saosce Pty Ltd, SA), OSIA Company secretary

The board would like to thank all financial members for their
overwhelming unity of purpose in convening last Thursday's SGM on such
short notice to get the interim board in place -- this bodes well for
OSIA's future indeed.

** OSIA featured sponsor **

>From time to time, we'd like to feature some of OSIA's sponsors in
these updates, with a brief message from the sponsor, so that members
have a better understanding of our sponsors businesses. After all,
connecting relevant businesses in the industry to each other is part of
what an industry body does.

This month we're featuring one of OSIA's longest-standing bronze
sponsors, iSeek Communications:

    iseek Communications is one of Australia's leading providers of
    Communications, Colocation and Cloud Services. Delivering services
    across Australia, iseek specialises in working with integrators and
    business to tailor and enable business to connect and grow.

    From pure Cloud services, IaaS, Archive Storage and OBS to business
    grade Private Network/Internet Services that cross the country to
    Data Centre/Colocation solutions. iseek Communications is trusted by
    integrators and businesses across Australia to deliver all your
    Communications, Cloud and Colocation solutions.

    For more information, see https://www.iseek.com.au/

** OSIA welcomes new sponsor **

The board are pleased to welcome Panubo as the most recent bronze
sponsor of OSIA.

    Panubo provides managed DevOps and cloud infrastructure management.
    They enable SaaS application developers to rapidly adopt Docker and
    Kubernetes container technology while deploying best of breed cloud
    infrastructure solutions that maximise developer and infrastructure

    For more information, see https://panubo.io/

** Annual report **

As you all know, the 2017 AGM rejected the 2016/17 annual report as
tabled. Since then, substantial progress has been made on revising the
annual report.

Whilst working on the revised report certain new issues have arisen,
but rest assured that your interim board is doing everything in its
power to resolve those issues in time to table a revised annual report
at the January SGM.

** Board meetings **

The interim board will meet for the first time this Thursday (21 Dec),
by teleconference.

As always, OSIA members are encouraged to bring any pertinent matters
(and indeed your views on them) to the attention of the board, either
on this list or by contacting any of us directly.


Jack Burton
<jack at saosce.com.au>

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