[Osia-members] OSIA December update #2

Jack Burton jack at saosce.com.au
Sat Dec 23 16:17:12 AEDT 2017

Afternoon, all.

It's been a very busy week at OSIA, so there's just time for one last
update before Christmas:

** January SGM to be held, new board to be appointed **

As agreed at the 2017 AGM, an SGM will be held in Sydney during the
week of LCA2018 (22-26 Jan).

Soon, a call for expressions of interest in serving on the new board
will be going out.

Stay tuned for more information on both of the above -- and in the
meantime once again I'd encourage all those with the time, capability
and motivation to do so effectively, to start thinking about stepping
up to serve on the 2018 board, and about what the OSIA of the future
you will help shape might look like.

** Board changes **

At its 14 Dec meeting, the interim board elected Ron Skeoch as OSIA's
chairman. The board feels strongly that OSIA should always have a
chairman, to ensure that the company never lacks leadership and so that
the business of OSIA is always attended to diligently. We were
unanimous in endorsing Ron as the ideal person to serve as chairman
during the interregnum.

At that meeting, noting that the company is required to have at least
three directors, the board also appointed me as a director, to avoid
the need to go to yet another SGM before the January one.

Your interim board now are:
* Ron Skeoch, Chairman
* Jack Burton. Director & Company Secretary
* Alexar Pendashteh, Director

** Rebuilding OSIA's core mission **

The board is keen to return to OSIA's roots, with the focus squarely on
public policy. A number of current government initiatives need study &
response. We are unable to do much on that at present (although we have
re-established OSIA's relationship with one key Commonwealth Government
agency), but we strongly recommend that the new board do so after the
January SGM.

** Progress on transition matters **

As an interim board, our main roles are to fulfil OSIA's legal
obligations and to focus on getting a new board in place to
reinvigorate OSIA from the January SGM onwards.

Unfortunately, we are still waiting for certain handover tasks to be
completed. This is restraining our ability to confirm the way forward.

In the meantime, we are working through the governance & compliance
issues as best we can in the circumstances, and putting processes in
place to find suitable individuals to build the OSIA of the future

** Relationship with Linux Australia **

We note that Linux Australia has put forward to its members a question
on renaming itself to "Open Source Australia" (OSA). We hope that they
will reconsider, given the remarkable similarity of the names OSA &
OSIA. We note the alternative suggestion of "Open Source Communit{y,ies}
Australia" (OSCA) which some Linux Australia members have put forward
and we believe that that would help delineate more clearly the
respective roles of the two organisations.

Whilst that decision will ultimately be one for Linux Australia and its
members, we've been encouraged by the dialogue we've had with the Linux
Australia Council in recent days.

This matter provided an ideal opportunity for OSIA to start rebuilding
its relationship with Linux Australia. Your interim board have engaged
with the LA Council to that end, have been quite impressed with what
we've heard so far, and look forward to exploring further possible
collaboration between OSIA & LA on matters relevant to both
organisations in the new year. We hope there will be many such
opportunities in future.

** Board meetings **

The interim board met for the first time (by teleconference) on Thursday
(21 Dec). This meeting was highly productive, with 11 substantive
resolutions passed and 23 action items delegated. We look forward to
reporting progress on all those matters in the near future.

The interim board will next meet (again by teleconference) on Wednesday
3 January 2018.

The new board will meet for the first time (in Sydney) on Saturday 27
January 2018 (the day after the last day of LCA2018). Those seeking to
join the new board should keep that day free to attend the board meeting
(either in person, particularly if you'll be in Sydney for LCA anyway,
or by teleconference). Notice & draft agenda of meeting will be
distributed in advance to all those who lodge expressions of interest in
serving on the new board.

As always, OSIA members are encouraged to bring any pertinent matters
(and indeed your views on them) to the attention of the board, either
on this list or by contacting any of us directly.

In the meantime, the OSIA board wishes you all a very merry Christmas
and a happy & prosperous new year.


Jack Burton
<jack at saosce.com.au>

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